04I 01 I 2022

* Philharmonic Orchestra Freiburg

7.30pm - Großes Haus, Theater Freiburg

Film Music Concert

Cinema Paradiso – Film Music from Europe


March 2022

Although the project is officially finished, 2 more recordings will be relaesed as video. The mastering for a possible EP will also be completed.


Febuary 2022

The mixing of the last titels took a long time, but now everything is in the can, the factual report to the GVL is out and the 5 recordings can be seen on Soundcloud or the video from LONG WAY TO GO here on my website. Many thanks to the GVL for their financial support of this project. Many thanks to all the musicians involved, Ingo Rau from Amps Factory for his great feel-good studio, Clemens Buchta for his beautiful rooms in Music's cool recording studio, Christopher Jakob for the great video and of course Philip Konstas for his tireless work on the console for the mixes.


January 2022

The last 2 recordings have been completed.

At Music' S'cool (recording studio) I had the pleasure of recording a duo version of 'Short People' (Randy Newman) with the great Julian Knörzer (beat boxing, vocals). Furthermore, I recorded my own composition (piano, bass, strings, percussion).

Philip Konstas and I will finish the mixes by mid-February. 


December 2021:

The first recordings in the Amps Factory in Freiburg were successful. The mood among us musicians was harmonious and concentrated. My personal thanks go to Johannes Stange (flh, tp), Volker Engelberth (p, rhodes), Sebastian Böhlen (g) and Christian Huber (dr). Ingo Rau at the desk was an important advisor and a haven of calm; as always, super professional and always on the job. Thank you!


October 2021:

I am delighted to have been awarded the NEUSTART KULTUR grant from the GVL. I am using the grant for my project BassLinien.

I will record 5 original compositions in a recording studio; two of the songs will be published as a video. 

My project focuses on the bass with all its facets. Either as a solo or as an accompanying instrument. I attach importance to a broad sound spectrum and stylistic variety with different instrumentations. The bass either plays a dominant role, appears as an equal partner, or is purely an accompanying instrument. More details shortly.