Richard Ray Farrell (blues musician):


"... as a bassist Peter Steinbach has the skills of a seasoned veteran, always in the pocket with rock solid timing and a soulful groove."



Alain Ackermann (Swiss drummer with Eluveitie):


"I have come to know Peter as a very reliable and upstanding bass player. He is always well prepared and has a very good sense for timing. For me as a drummer it is always a pleasure to play with a bass player who grooves so well.



Clemens Buchta (Music-s-cool recording studio in Freiburg):


"Peter is simply always on the point! No matter if musical, human or organizational. I have played gigs with Peter several times, experienced him during recording sessions in the recording studio and worked with him on a video production.


I appreciate his extensive musical abilities (both on the electric bass and the double bass), his qualities as a person and professional colleagues.


Peter is absolutely reliable, always on time, perfectly prepared, has his equipment under control and is sovereign and relaxed even under pressure.


If I need a bass player for any project, he is at the top of my list".



My life as a bass player is varied. I teach with pleasure and

commitment, whether privately ( or as a lecturer at the Jazz & Rock Schule Freiburg ( I coach bands and at the moment I am revising my textbook for e-bass. My own compositions cover a wide range; from atmospheric harmonies to groove oriented instrumental pieces. I love the fact that music can bring total strangers together through a common language.


Music is an important part of my life. I grew up with music and over

time I have mastered various styles of music. I feel at home with

blues, jazz, rock, world music and pop.



Live music produces an energy that reaches the heart and soul of an

audience. As the bassist, I provide the groove that helps produce the

invisible magic between musician and audience. Music can heal, soothe and spontaneously create emotions that are food for the soul. That’s what I live for as a musician.


My work as a bass player gives me the chance to meet other musicians and bands. As a sideman I accompany the most different artists and bands in the styles pop, rock, blues, funk or jazz. Many concerts lead me through Germany, France, Austria, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Italy, Latvia, USA, Indonesia and Mexico.